Natural Whipped Body Butter Recipe

July 25, 2019

Natural Whipped Body Butter Recipe

How to make your own whipped body butter. 

Made from all natural ingredients, my fabulous whipped body butter has only 3 ingredients and is brilliant to soften and moisturise dry skin.  It feels luxurious, is easily absorbed and has no nasties. 

It’s a great idea to make up a big batch, add a homemade label and gift them to friends or family, especially over Christmas!

My teenage daughter reacts to perfume based body lotions and skincare, so I tried out this super easy recipe to see what the results would be and it’s an absolute winner. It’s the only one she asks for now. It goes on silky and intensely hydrates dry or cracked skin! 

There are plenty of ways to customise this recipe and to mix and match oils and butters to suit your individual tastes.  I love the smell of our relaxing blend of essential oils (lavender, ylang ylang and bergamot). 

Here’s what you will need, and at the end I’ve shared where to source these products from:-

  1. Shea butter, a fat extracted from nuts, is a highly concentrated fatty acid that melts at body temperature. It has intensely nourishing properties. 
  1. Coconut oil, as the name suggests is the concentrated oil extracted from mature coconuts. It is an excellent moisturizer for both hair and skin. It is slow to oxidise, which means it doesn’t go rancid too quickly, hence I recommend a 6 month shelf life without preservatives. 
  1. Almond Oil, a moisturizing carrier oil that has a light, non-greasy texture. It absorbs well into the skin, and suits most skin types. There are a couple of alternatives here if you prefer, jojoba oil, soya bean oil or even olive oil would work. 
  1. Essential Oils 30-40 drops, if you want. Here you can go wild or leave the recipe as is. 


  • 1 cup shea butter (I prefer unrefined)
  • ½ cup coconut oil
  • ½ cup almond oil
  • 30-40 drops essential oils (if required)
  • Before you start, prepare some recycled glass jars ready to pour your body butter into. Any jars that your hand can reach into will be fine. Wash and dry them thoroughly. I sterilise mine using boiling water. 
  • Melt the shea butter and coconut oil together in the top part of a double boiler. Once they have melted together, remove from heat and let the mixture cool for 20-30 minutes.
  • Stir in the almond oil and essential oils, then wait until the oils start to partially solidify. I usually put mine in the freezer for about 10 minutes. You don’t want the mixture to be completely solid. As soon as you notice it hardening up, its ready for a good whipping!
  • Next, the fun part. Use a mixer to whip the mixture for a few minutes, or until it achieves a butter-like consistency. I use my everyday electric hand beater. (with a good wash afterwards, may as well put it to good use, I’m not much of a baker!!)
  • Pour/spoon into prepared jars and seal. Decorate with a pretty label and add your own expiry date.  
  • Ready to use. Start with a small amount, rub it in the palm of your hands until the mixture starts to ‘melt’ then apply to your skin. Or if you’re my teenage daughter, scoop out a handful and apply liberally all over freshly shaved legs so they glow, its oil after all… :) 

TOP TIP - hot summer sun will see this mixture melt, you can keep it in the fridge. 

*All the above ingredients, I source from Available throughout  New Zealand. 

Enjoy, would love to know if you try out this recipe what you think. 

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