November 28, 2019

your studio invercargill

This month on “Behind the Biz, we have the pleasure in talking holistic healing with Rebecca from Your Studio and some key ways to find balance and relaxation over the coming festive season. Thank you for joining us Rebecca. 

Tell us a little bit about your business (what you do, where are you based etc)

My business is located in Invercargill, in the most unlikely of places for a yoga studio, the Racecourse Grounds.  We are based in a beautiful old cottage that was originally home to the tearooms for the ladies to go to during the horse racing. 

We offer yoga classes, relaxation massage, reiki healing, meditations and a variety of spiritual development workshops. 

What was the inspiration that led to you starting out?

The inspiration for opening the business was quite simple, I wanted to create a loving and nurturing space were people could relax, where they could take some time out of the busyness and demands of everyday life.  Our yoga style has a strong focus on mindfulness and relaxation.  Teaching people skills to use in everyday life.

With the busy festive season coming up and the stresses that go along with that, do you have any tips to keep us sane and enjoying this time?

Make time for you! It seems as soon as we get busy, the first thing we let go of is that important time for ourselves, the time that actually helps us get through life’s stresses.  

I believe that looking at our shared humanity is one of the best ways to get through the busy season.  Rather than getting frustrated by the crowds, getting annoyed by people walking slowly and holding you up, realise you are in fact part of the crowd. 

JUST RELAX and take a moment to think, do you really need to buy that much stuff?!

You are a champion for the benefits of yoga, how can it help us in our everyday lives?

Yoga really is the best.  Not only does it have benefits for the body, by stretching and strengthening, it is the benefits to the mind that really keep me going back.

When we learn techniques to calm our mind, to become aware of the stories we are telling ourselves, we begin to make more space in our mind.  This naturally leads to living more mindfully, which changes our brains!

This has the ability to make us less emotionally reactive.  To look at things from another perspective, to be more flexible in our thoughts.  All of which can be life changing 

What aspect of your business gives you the most joy and what motivates you to continue?

The people, they are 100% the reason that I keep going. I am surrounded by the most incredible people daily.  Positive people who are searching out ways to learn, grow and relax.  Some people who have been facing some of the most difficult situations that life can challenge us with, who come in to take that time out from what is happening.  People who inspire and teach me all the time. 

It is the most incredible feeling that the safe and nurturing space that I dreamt of, gives people what they need, a place to come too switch of and to detach when life it a bit tough.

You truly never know what the person beside you is going through, but you do know that everyone needs to be loved, nurtured and cared for and I really do feel honoured to be able to do that.  That is what keeps me going.   

What one piece of advice would you give someone looking to start out in business in the natural healing environment?

Do it! Dream it, become obsessed about it and make it happen.  Know that it is hard work, there will be doubts, tears, moments of pure joy and happiness.   

And don’t compare or worry about what other people are doing.  Often in business you are told to keep an eye on your competitors, watch what they are doing.  I personally do not think this is something you should do.  Focus on your own ‘why’. 

What is going to get you up, what will keep you going when things are challenging? You may not know what it is when you start out, but when you discover it, what makes you unique, focus your energy on that. 

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