Boho Candle Bowls

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Beautiful Boho Bowl Candles, inspired by nature.

Created from 100% natural soy wax and sprinkled with a generous selection of New Zealand dried flowers. As well as showcasing own grown organic lavender flowers, Studio Milk supports local flower growers throughout New Zealand. 

Where possible the following selection is used: cornflowers, roses, violas, chamomile and calendula petals and pansies. Due to the seasonal nature of our range, there may be a small change to our floral toppings throughout the year. 

Packaged in a rustic kraft box nestled on wood shavings, these beautiful candles make a perfect gift.

Available in the following custom blended fragrances. 

- Blossom: A sweet blend reminiscent of a Kiwi country garden. Fragrant florals including jasmine, sweet pea, rose and sandalwood 

- Wildflower: A rustic blend of wild lavender, clary sage and patchouli intertwined with a hint of rosemary.

- Morning Dew: A fresh earthy aroma of lotus flower, lemongrass and wild freesias, blended with bergamot and a drop of lime. 

Candle Specs - 4 jar sizes available

Petite Jar  RRP $15.95  
Burn Time: 20 hrs + 
Design:  glass jar + gold lid / 1 wick
Volume: 100ml
Glass Measurements: 66mm (h) x 58mm (d)
Presentation: unboxed


Small  RRP $29.95  
Burn Time: 30 hrs + 
Design:  glass bowl / 2 wicks
Volume: 5 oz
Glass Measurements: 50mm(h) x 90mm(d) 
Presentation: kraft box: 100x100x60mm 


Medium RRP $39.95
Burn Time: 40 hrs +
Design:  glass bowl / 3 wicks
Volume: 9oz
Glass Measurements: 60mm(h) x 10mm(d) 
Presentation: kraft box med: 100x100x100mm


Large  RRP $45.95
Burn Time: 45 hrs +
Design:  glass bowl / 3 wicks
Volume: 11oz
Glass Measurements: 57mm(h) x 120mm(d)
Presentation: kraft box med: 120x120x80mm

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