Candle Care & Safety

Candle Care Tips

Here are some valuable tips to get the very most out of your studio MiLK candles.

  1. Did you know that soy candles have a memory? The first time you burn your candle allow enough time (ideally 2-4 hours) so that your candle can burn all the way to the edges of the jar. This prevents the candle tunnelling down the middle with wax left on the outside of the jar. If you don’t have that time, save the candle for when you do…and why not put your feet up and grab a vino or a tea at the same time!
  2. The first time you light your candle, DON'T trim the wick, leave it as is. Every time thereafter, trim the wick before you light the candle, around half a centimetre should be enough. This creates a nice clean burn and a steady flame.
  3. Position your candle on a flat/heat resistant surface away from kids and pets …. may sound obvious but there may or may not have been an incident in my studio, where an excited doggie swished his tail across the top of a test candle….
  4. For maximum fragrance or scent throw, keep doors and windows closed.
  5. Stop using your candle when there is about 1cm of wax left, tempting as it may be to eeek more deliciousness from your candle, there is a risk that the candle will run dry and the flame will burn glass, which could cause it to crack!
  6. Natural scent diminishes over time, which is why we always produce our candles in small batches to sell quickly and then encourage you to use them within 6 months. To enhance this length of time, store your candles in a dark, cool, dry place. But overall if you love candles as much as we do! Use them up. We’ve priced them that way !
  7. A little bit of common sense goes a long way to preventing accidents
    • never leave a candle unattended
    • draughts or wind can decrease burn time and scent throw
Here’s the best bit! When your candle has finished, allow the wax to cool slightly and clean out the jar. Next, think of all the amazing ways to recycle your jar or bottle. We've got an awesome promotion to help you on your way to more candles, you can check that out here!