Random Acts of Kindness #MiLKmoments

Random Acts of Kindness

It feels good to give...it feels great to surprise... but it feels 'scentsational' to receive a unexpected package in the good ol' fashioned mail!

#MiLKmoments is our Random Acts of Kindness Club.

How works it

Each week we send out a surprise 4oz candle tin (nicely packaged) to a lucky recipient that you can nominate. It may be a friend going through a tough time, a teacher to say thank you or just because you want to tell someone they're loved, cared for or thought of. 

The delivery is a mystery and the receiver won't know who has sent them a beautiful scented surprise. 

We don't need to know your reasons for wanting to delight someone, it's our small way of giving back too. Puts a smile on 3 faces each week - yours, theirs and ours!

To nominate a candle lover to be one of the lucky 4 sent each month, simply sign up below and if selected we will contact you for the recipients details! 

You can read my blog on why MiLKmoments started here! and if you prefer to purchase a Random Act of Kindness, you can do so here.

With love 

Team MiLK xx


sign up here


Terms & Conditions:  

1. Submitting a nomination, isn't a guarantee that your recipient will receive a delivery. We randomly select one each week.

2. Only one entry person per month. Hopefully we can keep it fair for everyone. 

3. The candle is a boxed 4oz mini tin, the scent is randomly selected.

4. By entering your contact details, you will automatically be giving permission to receive studio MiLK mail (dont worry we never spam! we only send goodness) - your nominated friend will NOT be added to our mailing list, unless they choose to do so at a later date.


Hello, welcome

Would love you to join us!

Every month we give away awesome candles, wax melts & bath salts!

Kim & Team MiLK xx