Aromatherapy | Epsom and Himalayan Salts | Essential Oil Blends

Studio MiLK’s naturally nutrient rich salts are a therapeutically balanced blend of Himalayan Pink Salt and Epsom Salt as well as natural essential oils, which work together to restore tired muscles, stimulate circulation and nourish the skin. Tired after a long day? aching muscles from recent sports activity? now you can create your own luxurious in-home spa treatment with our perfectly blended salt soaks. 

Epsom salt as been a staple in many households for centuries. This magnesium rich detoxifier is a completely natural wonder product which is key to good health. In our modern world, magnesium deficiencies are common and its been shown that even soaking your feet in a bowl of epsom salts is enough to help boost your magnesium levels without having to take supplements. 

Magnesium is a vital part of our bodies make up and helps to regulate muscle function and eliminate toxins. Extreme deficiencies can contribute to serious health complications like stroke, heart disease and chronic fatigue syndrome. 

Epsom salts are laden with sulfates. It's these chemical gems that can flush out toxins from your body. By relaxing in a warm salt bath your skin will absorb the beneficial minerals and allow these harmful toxins to be drawn out. Keep well hydrated before and after your bath to add in detoxification. 

Widely known to relieve pain, reduce inflammation and minimise stress, a natural soak has never been more beneficial. 


FOOT SOAK: Half fill a large bowl with warm water, add a 1/4 cup of epsom salts. Grab your favourite magazine, a cuppa, a glass of wine, sit back and relax, soaking your weary feet for 20 minutes. 

BATH SALTS: Fill a bath with warm water, add 1/2 - 1 cup of epsom salts. Grab your favourite magazine, lie back and enjoy a luxurious soak. 

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