How to use a reed diffuser

November 05, 2018

How to use a reed diffuser

How to use a reed diffuser and how to get the best scent throw out of your diffuser?

Reed diffusers are a great alternative to candles. There is no flame and no heat is required to disperse scent, making them ideal for environments where open flame safety may be of concern. ie: office spaces, retail showrooms or home areas where it isn’t practical to have a candle burning ie guest toilets and bedrooms. They also tend to last longer than candles, making them more economical. Plus, they look beautiful so they’re perfect for gifts!  

Reed diffusers work on a simple cycle. Rattan reeds placed in fragrance oil, will begin to soak up this mixture. As the reeds ‘fill up’ they disperse scent into the environment. Natural evaporation occurs and the reeds start to dry out at the top, making room for more fragrance oil to be absorbed. The cycle repeats itself until the fragrance has totally evaporated or the reeds become too congested to continue working.

So how can you ensure that you get the most out of your reed diffuser?

Here are some ideas:

  1. Over time the reeds can become dust clogged. We recommend you flip them once a week to freshen your space or just before guests arrive to give an instant hit of fragrance. We strongly suggest flipping your reeds over a basin or sink. The fragrance oil has the potential to damage painted and wooden surfaces that it comes into contact with.
  2. Be aware of where you place your diffuser. Drafts will increase scent throw around the room but also has the potential to attract dust a lot quicker. At the same time, moisture prone areas will gradually affect absorption and decrease scent throw.
  3. Match the scent to your space. It's a perfect opportunity to create the ambience for each space through smell! Clean linen in the bathroom or laundry, fruit smells like pear or apple in the kitchen or relaxing ylang ylang or lavender in the bedroom. 
  4. Diffusers look great if you make a feature of them. Stand it on a coaster or a non-damageable surface, so that any drips don’t damage paintwork.
  5. Pick the right size reed diffuser for the room. The bigger the diffuser the more scent throw you will get. As a general guide up to 8 reed sticks would suit medium rooms. Larger open spaces would need more.
  6. After the oil has completely evaporated, gently wash your glass vessel in warm water and reuse. They’re perfect for fresh flowers or herbs!

Would love to hear your favourite diffuser scents and where you keep them? 

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