Candle Jar Style Guide

Stunning Studio MiLK candles are presented in a variety of glass, tin and ceramic containers. Beautifully packaged in a combination of rustic kraft boxes and white gift boxes with string, bows and embellishments. If you are looking for a specific style or a refill of existing containers, please contact us

 Glass Tumbler

  • burn time: 45 hrs +
  • design: classic glass
  • glass measurements: 91mm(h) x 80mm (d)
  • volume: 230ml
  • packaging: black box: 108mmx82mmx82mm


  • burn time: 20 hrs +
  • design: silver tin with lid
  • tin measurements: 45mm (h) x 57mm (d)
  • volume: 100ml
  • packaging: kraft box 70mmx70mmx70mm

Boho Bowls

  • burn time: small: 30 hrs | med: 40hrs+ 
  • design: glass bowl 
  • glass measurements: small: 50mm(h) x 90mm(d) medium: 60mm(h) x 100mm(d) 
  • volume: small: 5.5oz medium: 9oz 
  • packaging: kraft box small 100x100x60mm medium: 100x100x100mm  

Glass French Style

  • burn time: 45 hrs +
  • design: glass crystal like jar, french lid
  • glass measurements: 130mm (h) x 85mm (d)
  • volume: 250ml
  • packaging: either white gift box, coloured ribbon 110mmx110mmx110mm or unboxed ready to display